Wine Collection: El Matador.

After Venice Beach and Ventura, we finally found our way to El Matador Beach and of course, it rained as soon as we arrived. We spent hours and hours driving around pointlessly while it was beautiful and sunny, and when we finally got there it began to pour. Luckily, we were able to hide underneath these rocks and waited it out until it stopped. It finally did, and we captured these shots before it began to rain again. Coming to this beach was what I was looking forward to the most during this trip, and it was disappointing that I didn't get to witness this magical place in its' full glory with the sun beaming. I love these photos, but I just know it would have been that much better if it didn't look so obviously gloomy. Or maybe I just need to step my photoshop game up and learn how to add filters or something to make it look like a beautiful sunset or golden hour haha. Enjoy!


Wine Collection: Paul Smith.

Ah yes, the infamous pink Paul Smith wall. No way I could have visited LA without shopping on Melrose and taking photos against this wall. 


Wine Collection: Ventura.

This post will be a continuation from yesterday's, which will explain why I'm still wearing the same top. After exploring Venice Beach, we continued up to El Matador and for some reason didn't think about getting food, which was dumb as hell because who goes to the beach all day without food? Or rather, we figured that we would just grab something once we got close but little did we know, there was absolutely nothing! We passed by a couple fast food restaurants as we left Venice, and would you believe me if I said there weren't any more for miles?! There should have been a warning sign or something! We got there, and decided not to look for parking because it was no point settling in without any food, so we continued going North. After several more miles, we got all the way to Ventura, Cali and realized that there is just not going to be any food, so we headed back down. We finally came across some fast food restaurants, but they were all the way back closer to where we came from! In Venice! It was crazy, we might as well had not driven all the way up cause it was such a waste of gas. The upside is, in Ventura we came across this beautiful view and it made the journey totally worthwhile. We ventured down to capture these shots. Enjoy!