Wine Collection: Florida Ave.

I found this amazing patchwork skirt at the thrift awhile ago when I was going through my 70's phase. Unfortunately when I found it, it did not fit me at ALL but I bought it anyways because any seasoned thrifter knows that it doesn't matter if it fits you or not, you need to just buy it anyways because it's a one of a kind find. Well, one year later, here I was and it somehow magically fit me.

Wine Collection: Union Market.

I wish I could fully express to you all how long I prayed for a vibrant heart/love wall in DC, and then suddenly overnight my dreams came true when Mr. Brainwash did one. Sadly I missed it's grand opening but nothing could stop me as I went to visit it immediately the next day. And yes, it was everything I hoped for.

Wine Collection: Batimore Graffiti Alley.

One of my favorite spots of all time. Anytime someone is visiting Baltimore and asks me a shoot location, this mesmerizing graffiti alley is the spot I always always always recommend. It is the perfect backdrop for those who are obsessed with street art like me, and there's just something so magical about the layers upon layers of art that lay behind each piece. There are new things every time I go and never guaranteed that you can find the same thing that someone else did a week ago. Tis, is the beauty of street art.