Wine Collection: White-Out.

I've worn this outfit a couple times before, but each time I see it photographed I'm kinda like :/ meh. I'll be like, "I swore this looked cute when I saw it in the mirror this morning!" For one of the shoots I've styled in the past, I dressed my model in this same get-up and had totally different results. A perfect example how two people can wear the same exact thing but make it look totally different due to their body shapes! Nonetheless, enjoy!

Photos by Cyril Allotey.


Wine Collection: Baby Doll.

Quite recently I took up sewing, mainly because there are just so many cute things going on in fashion these days that I love, but haven't had the time to go shopping. Literally, everything in my closet right now is "old" and out of season. Woe is me. I'm sitting there fawning over the things I want and I'm like... I have this old ass sewing machine sitting right here, why not put it to use? So! I taught myself how to create patterns and sew, now here I am, in the beginning stages of constructing all the things I want to wear by myself and spending probably only 1/8 of the price. Woohoo! I can't really make anything super intricate just yet but hey! I'm getting there! This season, I've been completely obsessed with pastels so here is one of the baby doll pink 2-piece sets I made, which also comes with a cap-sleeve crop top. The details on this fabric is so great but unfortunately I forgot to photograph that, as well as the criss-cross back of the top I'm wearing in these photos. No worries, I'm sure I'll wear some variation of these sometime again soon. Enjoy!

photos by Cyril Allotey.

2-piece by me | thrifted blazer | BCBG heels


Wine Collection: China Girl.

On a recent trip I took to China I gained roughly 20lbs. Sike, I only gained about 7 but within the last year or so it's been a total of 20. I'll do a post later on to share my photos from that trip, but the super greasy and oily food there is my reason to blame for accumulating 7lbs in the time span of 2 weeks. But you know what? Who said you have to be super skinny to be attractive? I'm not letting anyone else's opinion dictate how I feel about myself. I don't consider myself big by any means but I've come to terms that the way my body is built will never be considered "small", and I'm perfectly okay with that. I made an agreement with my girl Alexis Belon that if I start blogging again on a consistent basis, she'll help me with getting my YouTube together, which will consist of my outfits in motion. So! Be prepared for constant outfit updates! I also don't want to be your "average-sized" fashion blogger. I struggle with finding that perfect blogger than I can most relate to body-wise, but always fall short because the ones I love most are either waif thin or  5'foot'infinity. So I figure, why not just be this blogger that I'm sure many girls can relate to? But if any of you know of bloggers more on the curvy side, leave a comment :) But otherwise, I'm changing the direction of my blog and henceforth catering to the awkward, in-betweener women, like me. The not so short but definitely not tall, not quite petite but almost-there curvy kinda gals and hope I can be an inspiration to you all <3 In the meantime, I will make this attempt to start eating clean again...

 Kimono from China | handsewn dress by me | Burberry spiked heels | Celine bag