Wine Collection: Blusch.

If you follow my Instagram, you might have noticed this color thing I've been doing lately. I've been obsessed with pastelles for the majority of the year and since school was out, I did a bit of exploring in DC. It's hard to explain the pattern I've been doing and I won't post them on here so I guess you'll just have to follow me to see for yourself ;) @an.dukes

Photos by Marcel Dutch.

Man Bette: Martae Williams.

Hey everybody! It's been awhile since I've updated this thing. I've been saying for years now how I will start updating more frequently but it's always a lie. As the year closes and it's time for me to register this site again for another year, I'm contemplating just not re-registering it. As in, no more lips-of-wine blog. What do you all think? All I use these days are my Instagram and it's really no point in keeping my blog anymore I think. I haven't made up my mind yet so we'll see how it goes but anywho! I started this photo series capturing guys with cool hair, but I started this a few weeks ago and the only person I captured so far was Martae. Lmao, it's been hard to find guys in this area with unique hairstyles but he was a great one to begin with. Enjoy!


Wine Collection: Earth Tones.

All I've been wearing this Fall are various shades of tans, nudes and greens. A few weeks ago (@thesunk) took these photos of me but now it's like, basically full on Winter and too damn cold to sacrifice warmth. Welp.

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