Wine Collection: Flares.

 I've officially finished with all my courses and can finally enjoy the rest of my summer! I'm ecstatic! This is my absolute favorite time of the year and not just because it's summer for the obvious reasons. But, without the worry of classes and exams to take, I can really plunge myself into all the things I like to do in my free time, and hone in my creative juices to get these projects done. Recently I realized how blessed I am to even have so many hobbies, and that itself is something not to take for granted. I would hate it if I lived life with absolutely nothing that I truly enjoyed doing in my spare time and sometimes, I wonder how I even manage my time so well, with being a full-time student doing research labs with weekly exams to study for, working in an office setting on weekends and having a strong, healthy relationship on top of that. In the spare time I do have, I'm an avid reader of books for pleasure (currently obsessed with the True Blood series!) and have a million shows I need to catch-up on. As busy as I may be, I still find time to read and watch my shows because yes, that is still considered a hobby! Lol. One of my bigger focuses right now is trying to blog more consistently to share with you all what I wear on a day-to-day basis, and that in turn also helps me satisfy my craving for photography. Lately, I've been exploring DC and Baltimore a whole lot solely to look for street art, and that's a new hobby I've picked up. But with that being said, I haven't been taking any custom dresses or styling or photographer jobs lately and feel horrible for turning down paying clients, but it's really just a time-management thing. I love being so versatile and multi-faceted and having the ability to do so many things, but it truly does get hard juggling it all. And ever since I learned how to sew, I've really just been making clothes for myself to wear instead of shopping, and in today's post I'll be sharing with ya'll a two-piece flared pants set I made some time ago. Looking at all of this now, I'm truly grateful to have so many things that I genuinely love and enjoy doing, even if that means I get no sleep! Lol, all my hard work will pay off in the end. Enjoy!


Wine Collection: Camoflauge.

The title for this post sucks but there's this word I've been trying to remember but can't for nothing! There's a very specific term for when people take photos against a backdrop and their clothes match it identically, but I just can't remember it. I've even tried to google it to no avail but maybe I'm not describing it correctly. Does anyone know the word I'm talking about? If you do please let me know, because that was my intended post title! Anyways, what girl doesn't love borrowing their boyfriends' shirt? I snagged this and it made for a pretty good tomboyish look (kinda), although I still managed to dress it up just a tad. Enjoy!

Photos by Cyril Allotey.


Wine Collection: Summer Hues.

Ever since I cut my hair, I've been having to trim it biweekly because it's growing surprisingly fast. Isn't that wonderful? -_- When my hair was long but I actually wanted it to grow even longer, it wouldn't grow at all but now that I want it to be short, it grows like two inches every two weeks! I had just cut it recently to shoulder length -- it just grazed my shoulders, but not quite. Now it's most definitely past my shoulders and I'm due for another trim! Woe is me. Anyways, I'm pretty attracted to colorful walls and came across these panels yesterday. Enjoy!

Photos by Cyril Allotey.