Wine Collection: Fall's First Day.

It's been such a great season for fashion! Keeping up with all the Fashion Week updates have my heart palpitating all crazy. The color schemes and patterns, the mix between edgy minimalistic with a hint of bold... I just can't deal. Anyways, here's another monochrome look.

Photos by Cyril Allotey.

Burberry leather jacket | American Eagle hoodie | J. Crew corduroys | Dollhouse pumps


Travel: Maui, Hawaii. 2014

Back in June, my parents and I went on our annual family vacation, this time to Hawaii and China. I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about visiting China but my mom really wanted to go so hey, no complaints, as long as I'm getting the opportunity to travel and experience new places! We only stayed in Maui for two days, and spent the rest of our time in China. It originally was supposed to be 3 days but our flight from LAX to Maui got cancelled and we wasted a whole entire day in the airport. Remind me to file my complaint! When we finally made it there though, it felt like paradise. We stayed at the Marriott at Wailea Beach which had the most beautiful infinity pool. This visit made me decide that I'd like to one day live in Hawaii. For one, because it's still a part of the United States so you get all the perks we're spoiled with as an American. Two, there's no language barrier, the food is familiar and it has all the chain restaurants you're familiar with. And three..... Permanent sun and a beautiful beach?! Soo many places to explore, it's a photographers dream. I'm in there! 

On our first day there we decided to travel along Hana Highway, which Maui is most famous for. It's basically just one really long road that has multiple scenic places you can stop by at along the way, such as different beaches, waterfalls, and fruit stands. What they didn't tell us though is how unstable the drive was, because the road winds around the perimeter of the island, so it's not just a straight shot.... It has maddd twisty turns and it was just awful. We were already driving for about 2 and a half hours nauseous as hell with 40 minutes left, and decided to just head back. Now, I kind of wish we could have kept going because there were black and pink sand beaches I would have liked to visit, as well as more hidden sinkholes and waterfalls. Oh well, regardless, I fell in love with this island and would love to visit Hawaii again soon! 

Warning: This post will contain a lot of photos of me, and not of my parents. I decided to not post that many photos of my them anymore, when my dad kept telling me about how people would recognize him on the street as my dad and that's not what my blog is here for. Anyways, there's also quite a lot of photos that I left out, but now I'm about to be super late for class so I'll add some more when I'm back. I'll try to narrate my journey as the photos progress, so enjoy! 


Wine Collection: Charlene.

Summer has come to an end and I'm getting ready to transition into Fall again... Actually nah it's not even Fall yet it's really quite a bit of Summer left but since I started my Fall semester yesterday, I consider Summer over already in my mind so yeah. Anyways. I'm getting into this monochrome thing again and all my outfits look basically identical because they're all various combinations of white, grey and tan.

Photos by Cyril Allotey.

BCBG pants | Ann Taylor sleeveless vest | mens tshirt