Wine Collection: NoMa DC.

One of my absolute favorite neighborhoods in DC is NoMa, aka North Massachusetts Ave. It is so vibrant with many murals and paintings and every time I come, there's something new. All you have to do is simply walk around the blocks of NoMa and for sure you would find some art work that pleasantly surprises you!


Wine Collection: Florida Ave.

I found this amazing patchwork skirt at the thrift awhile ago when I was going through my 70's phase. Unfortunately when I found it, it did not fit me at ALL but I bought it anyways because any seasoned thrifter knows that it doesn't matter if it fits you or not, you need to just buy it anyways because it's a one of a kind find. Well, one year later, here I was and it somehow magically fit me.

Wine Collection: Union Market.

I wish I could fully express to you all how long I prayed for a vibrant heart/love wall in DC, and then suddenly overnight my dreams came true when Mr. Brainwash did one. Sadly I missed it's grand opening but nothing could stop me as I went to visit it immediately the next day. And yes, it was everything I hoped for.