Wine Collection: Jackie, Oh!

One of the hardest parts of making clothes is what to name the garment at the end. You would think it would be the construction part of it that's hard but it's really not. Once you've got the hang of that it's smooth sailing from there......... All the way until you've finished and you have no clue what the hell to call this thing. See the thing is, it has to be a unique enough name for you to differentiate your items apart from one another, and for your buyers to remember as they add it to their cart. Granted, I'm positive that 98% of people could give a hoot over what the name of the shirt they're buying is called. But oh, we care. As the creators (Cindy and I), it makes our lives that much easier to communicate to each other. "Oh, so-and-so wants the Jane in this color." "There's no more fabric for the Brianna." etc. As minute of a detail this is, it sure does beat having to sit there struggling to describe which item we're talking about. "The blue dress with the low v-neck." "This one?" "No, the other blue dress!" Haha, you get the picture. By now, Cindy and I have just habitually began to call the pieces after people who have worn them first. I chuckle every time I think of this method because of how it came about - I'm not sure how other brands go about naming their items, but it all started off with Angela Simmons. She was our first big celebrity client, and the outfit she wore was brand new and not up on the shop yet. When people began to inquire, Cindy would be like, "I have to make more of the dress Angela wore." which simply led to "I have to make more of the Angela." and it just stuck. It's sooo much easier for us to remember who wore what first and just name it after them, as opposed to sitting there and getting really creative with it and whatnot. And if you ever see any of our items with a funky name, just know it was because of me and in one of my sporadic silly moods I wanted to name it something because I thought it would be funny. And guess what? It never sticks; we never remember what the garment is!

Anyways! That was just a fun-fact I wanted to share. This little number is called the Jackie because Cindy felt it would have been something Mrs. Kennedy would have worn. It can be bought on DASHDORJ! Enjoy!


Wine Collection: An Ode To Being Schmedium.

I started this blog back in 2008 and to be honest, it was due to KanyeUniversity that made me want one. I was in high school at the time and MySpace was still the form of social media we used most. I was kind of popular on there and the thing people loved most from me was when I shared what I wore. I created this blog (originally called iamdukes.com, if anyone remembers!) and found a creative way to express myself and all the things I loved! I built and built, posted and posted until I finally garnered thousands of views per day. Somewhere along the way I began to post less out of pure laziness. Or really, I just got older and had more responsibilities as opposed to being a teenager in high school with almost nothing do. Regardless of what the reason was, I stopped posting frequently. Over the years, I tried to blog again but really only found myself posting maybe once every couple months. Needless to say, people don't visit blogs that don't get updated. Now, I use Instagram the most but miss the joys that blogging brought me. Instead of posting only one photo at a time of a particular outfit, I can post a dozen on here and people don't get sick of it. I can also write and be more personal by accompanying my photos with a back story (like this!), as opposed to Instagram where people hate reading long captions. I've recently started to post again weekly but noticed that people aren't visiting that much. It makes me wonder if my content just sucks or if it's because blogging is just dead. I can't figure it out, but ultimately all that tells me is that I just have to take the time to build this back up until people actually want to visit often again. 

However, the real reason why I want to seriously blog again is because I get frustrated not being able to find bloggers whose bodies I can relate to. All of my favourites are either insanely petite, really tall, or they are full-figured women. I am none of these things. I'm not small enough to be petite, but I'm also not tall either. I'm not skinny, I'm not fat, but not even curvy enough to be considered voluptuous. I'm schmedium. I have a butt so naturally, I like to show it off like all the time. Sorry for that, I can't help it. Anyways, whenever I try to find new bloggers to relate to, I enter "curvy bloggers" into Google and the only thing that pops up are plus-sized women. While I love my plus-sized gals as much as I love my petite ones, I just can't relate to either of these body types and can't dress the way I see ya'll doing fabulously. And when typing "curvy Asian bloggers" in, the results are even less. In the midst of my frustration I said to myself, "Well. I was a blogger once. Why can't I begin again so I can be that blogger that is so impossible for me to find?" I'm sure I am not the only girl in the world who has ran across this same issue - of trying to find a blogger whose figure is similar to theirs. So, to sum it up, this is why I'm blogging again. I hope to bring inspiration to others by being that one girl whose body shape relates most to theirs. If anyone actually read this post, I thank you and hope you join me in watching my journey once again! <3

Dashdorj two-piece jumpsuit


Wine Collection: Slinky Slip Dress.

I'm sure I've said this before but I'll reiterate: there's just something so sexy about frolicking around in a slip dress to me. It's like, going out in underwear but it's not. It's naughty and inappropriate yet shows nothing. Wearing your night clothes out and about is alluring, no? And by the way, I assure you all the slip dresses I wear out are not garments I actually wear to sleep. I buy these slips for the sole purpose of wearing out haha. Hope I'm not alone in this!

Photos by Tamon George.