Wine Collection: Halloween 2015.

I have always loved Halloween but I haven't always had the greatest outfits! As a kid, I grew up poor so being able to eat candy was only a luxury my parents could afford to treat me with when I was really good. I was taught that I could only be rewarded with sweets when I deserved it and mostly, only on really really special occasions. Naturally, this made Halloween become one of my favorite child holidays simply because you can throw on some funny looking clothes, ring someone's doorbell and be given candy! It was like, I was finally being rewarded for each and every day that I was good, all in one night combined! I remember, having that much candy in my possession was always so rare that every year when I went trick-or-treating, I would keep my candy haul stashed up for the entire year. A YEAR! When I think about it now, I realize how foolish that notion was because, instead of eating it all and enjoying it until I made myself sick like every other kid, I would dump it out of my jack-o-lantern every single night, just to look at all the candy I now owned.... smelled it, giddy as ever, just to put it all back when I was done counting them. I would maybe eat one once a week, but I always started off with the "sucky" candy, because in my adolescent mind, I wanted to savor the almighty holy grail of candies (to me) - the chocolate. I wanted to get rid of all the "sucky" candies first so when the time finally came, I can have my moment of glory to let my tastebuds enjoy everything that that small piece of chocolate bar was. Even now as an adult, I can not go a single day without eating chocolate in some form. When those Snickers commercials first released I thought they were hilarious because they described me perfectly whenever I don't get my daily dose. I legit become cranky and irritable if I don't even the smallest bit of chocolate in me once a day! Times have surely changed! But back to my story, I somehow never learned that trying to hold on to all the candy was never a good idea. I would keep them for so long that by the time I even finally got to the chocolates, they were so old and moldy and no longer edible. And every year, on Hallow's Eve my mom would chide me for keeping the candy for that long and pry them out of my hands, and throw them all away. My bag, my very full and much appreciated bag of candy. Me, being the foolish kid that I was, would silently cry in my room later, upset with myself that I would put myself through all that torture just to never even be able to eat the chocolate! And yet, once again, I would do the same exact thing with my haul from the upcoming Halloween all over again, and on and on this cycle went until I finally stopped trick-or-treating....... when I was 15! Lol. All those years I went as a teenager, I would take my baby cousins with me as a cover just so I wouldn't look odd or too old. From then until 21, every year for Halloween I simply just went to Chipotle, and put some foil on myself to get me my free burrito, haha! I never dressed up! Like I said, as a kid we weren't the richest, so my parents were never able to buy me those fancy beautiful costumes that all the other kids had. But my mom, she always did the best that she could. She would make me costumes from whatever household items we could find and it would be good enough for me, as long as I got to get my candy! Growing up this way, it has taught me to appreciate all of the superficial and material things I can now afford, because I know it is a luxury that is not needed, but simply wanted. And for something that you want so very much, why be wasteful when you can instead just be appreciative of being fortunate enough to enjoy it while there are many others in the world who aren't given the opportunity. And through this, this is also how I learned to be nifty and crafty. 

I've only recently began to really dress up the previous three Halloweens, but my costumes are still always put together by me! I was inspired by a Halloween party at the San Francisco Fairmont to put together an outfit. This year, I had no clue what I wanted to be, but I saw these gorgeous lace bunny ears one day and decided to be a bunny!  But, I couldn't find an outfit that wasn't overly slutty. All of a sudden, I remembered having a black corset, and had the inspiration to be a ballerina. I still wore my bunny ears but whatever, who really cares anyways? I bought a gorgeous sparkly feathered tutu from Party City, found some matching elbow length feathered gloves to match and voila! Here's my costume:

(iPhone photos)


Wine Collection: Noir.

Before we go any further, I just wanted to let ya'll know that none of the photos in this post has been edited, not even the brightness. Why? Well, let's just say my laptop has finally died and I used up the last bit of juice it had to upload these photos onto here before it died completely and these photos would be lost forever. Needless to say, Cyril did a great job taking them so there isn't much editing needed anyways, but still. You'll probably see changes in these photos however if they were to go up on my Instagram. With that being said, I am now finally a very proud Macbook owner! My very first one! :) After being a Windows user my entire life this has been a weird transition as I'm still trying to learn it's ins and outs. I'm treating it like a fragile baby that can't be scuffed. The only downside is I don't have photoshop on it just yet, hence, why these photos can't be edited so... if anyone can hook me up with Photoshop let me know! :) Anyways, these photos were taken about a week ago and I'm so ready to transition into Fall. I have so many outfits lined up for this upcoming season but the heat just won't let up! I've come to admit that last year as a whole was a terrible year of fashion for me, filled with failed fashion choices, half ass attempts to be presentable and unoriginal ideas. Behold - the year of minimalism. This particular style of dressing just isn't me. I like things too much; I love color and texture, heavy jewelry, sequins, furs and patterns. Trying to dress in all one color is really, really hard, and it made me feel extremely uncreative and boring. However, I dressed like that anyways for a good portion of last year and still wonder why I allowed myself to get lost in that sea of trends. Recently, I've gained back my mojo and can't wait to truly express myself as "me" again. The featured outfit is my transition into Fall. You'll rarely see me in all black (or dark colors) for the matter, but here I am en noir. Enjoy.

Photos by Cyril Allotey.


Wine Collection: #fakeathletic

There's a joke I always make on Instagram where I'm saying I'm just over here pretending to be athletic, per usual. And that's because I be wearing athletic clothes or whatever and acting as if I'm about that life but anyone who knows me knows I'm really not, lol! Having to work out seems like the hardest thing in the world to me and I really commend those who have the dedication to do it! I'm really just a lazy person and anytime I attempt to work out it doesn't last for longer than 15 minutes so for those who know me always think it's hilarious when they see me post these sort of outfits. Anyways, in a previous post I said I really been into school girl skirts lately and when I came across this American Apparel pleated skirt there was NO way I could pass up on it. Although, I do believe I need to get it exchanged for a larger size because it's way too short in the back. *hmph* #bigbuttproblems. I opted to pair this Clueless-inspired outfit with my huaraches but of course kept a pair of silver heels on me as well! Enjoy!

Photos by Cyril Allotey.