Wine Collection: #fakeathletic

There's a joke I always make on Instagram where I'm saying I'm just over here pretending to be athletic, per usual. And that's because I be wearing athletic clothes or whatever and acting as if I'm about that life but anyone who knows me knows I'm really not, lol! Having to work out seems like the hardest thing in the world to me and I really commend those who have the dedication to do it! I'm really just a lazy person and anytime I attempt to work out it doesn't last for longer than 15 minutes so for those who know me always think it's hilarious when they see me post these sort of outfits. Anyways, in a previous post I said I really been into school girl skirts lately and when I came across this American Apparel pleated skirt there was NO way I could pass up on it. Although, I do believe I need to get it exchanged for a larger size because it's way too short in the back. *hmph* #bigbuttproblems. I opted to pair this Clueless-inspired outfit with my huaraches but of course kept a pair of silver heels on me as well! Enjoy!

Photos by Cyril Allotey.


Wine Collection: Closet Crack.

Recently received this gorgeous white dress from Closet Crack and I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot it! Christian Dior's floral wall in City Center DC immediately popped into my head, so I headed over there today on a mission. See, for those who aren't from DC, City Center is a brand new outdoors high-end shopping strip featuring stores such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera etc. It is absolutely beautiful here and many of my photographer friends have ventured here to shoot since there's a beautiful display of lights in the glass corridors at night. Now with that being said, these friends of mine have also mentioned that security here is very strict (but it's outdoors though! kind of boggles my mind that you're not allowed to take photos on a street, but whatever). The guards have kicked them out for shooting so if I were to ever come here it really would just be up to luck wether I would be able to get some shots in or not. And from the lack of photos in this post featuring a floral wall, you can guess what my success rate was -_- Now, let me get this childish rant out and tell ya'll what a complete flop this was and I'm legit really upset I didn't get a chance to get my shots against the wall!

I suppose it was bad timing because we arrived when the construction workers were on lunch break (Dior isn't finished being built yet, still under construction), so they were all milling outside the wall and sitting up against it. Directly across from Dior were like a gajillion security guards and although I have mad experience with shooting shit I'm not supposed to be, it still makes me break out in a sweat because I really never do "bad" things so anything that's even slightly breaking the rules freaks me out! I suggested Cyril and I to just kinda chill and scope the area first before we just start shooting immediately and get kicked out. A block away I saw these chairs and Cyril quickly took some of me sitting down but I was being really paranoid for some reason cause I kept thinking the guards were running towards us! Lol! I regret this because the shots we took here were great and I wish there were more, with more variety! The atmosphere was absolutely perfect for this dress and I just wish I could have captured it better. Anyways, so we're walking to the floral wall and the guards starts asking me if I'm shooting (obviously, I am), and they're just like, yeah you have to go to corporate and ask them for permission because blah blah blah. So I ask, "What if I just take photos on my phone?" They tell me that's perfectly fine, I'm like, great! We start to take some a little bit but like... it's attracting an incredible amount of attention. Not even 3 minutes later the guards come back to me and say I must leave immediately -_- lol! But I thought I could take photos on my phone though!!! Man :( I did get like two on there but that's practically nothing! I'm so upset! Lol! Okay, rant over. I included in this post ONE photo we were able to capture on my dslr, but since it was with a 40mm and the space was really tight, you can't see shit haha. Oh well! We found a nearby alley and shot there which is usually cool for me, but in my opinion this outfit needed something nicer. I paired it with my new marabou heels I made myself because I knew the pink would go perfectly with the floral backdrop. Regardless, I still love the photos we were able to get and I hope ya'll do too! Enjoy.

Photos by Cyril Allotey.


Wine Collection: #notacozygirl

It's important to dress for your body type, but moreso to dress to what's comfortable for you. Nowaways this whole workout gear + sneakers, or those baggy pants + sweatshirt combo is what's really popular and I suppose there isn't really a name for that particular style except for maybe... "cozy girl clothes"? I love that look though because of girls like Erika Bowes and Aleali May who dress phenomenally. But really, the most important thing about dressing is to be comfortable. I've learned that what's comfortable for you doesn't necessarily mean "comfort" in the literal sense with sweatpants and button downs, it simply means to wear whatever the hell it is that makes you feel good. If dressing up all the time makes you happy, go for it! No one should feel like dressing "comfortably" can only be one set thing, because it's not. For example, yesterday a friend commented on my IG saying that I'm really femme, and that's probably one of my favorite compliments because yes, I am indeed very feminine and do take pride in being the embodiment of a woman. I had my tomboy phase as a teen but quickly grew out of that because I found that being girly is much more me. I occasionally still wear sneakers but the truth is, I am always much much more comfortable in a pair of heels simply because... well. Just because! I can't emphasize this enough, but isn't it generally always better to feel good because you're being yourself? So what if I feel like me when I dress up for no apparent reason because that's what makes me happy, even if that means I'll never be apart of #teamcozygirlz lol. Oh well! Anyways, nothing that I'm wearing in this post is cozy but that's never stopped me before. Enjoy!

Photos by Cyril Allotey.